Note: as I expected, video got deleted because of copyright infringement.

Dunno if I should laugh or cry? This is from S13E10, in which Marge has a snoring problem with Homer (she can’t sleep) and in the meantime she founds out that Artie (her prom boyfriend) has became a rich person. Artie wants to know how it would be if Marge picked him over Homer, so he offers 1M$ to the Simpsons family, if Marge spends two weeks with him. At this point, Homer and Marge decide that they have to do it, since Homer desperately needs a surgical operation – for guess what – snoring, so that Marge can sleep…

As from the M*A*S*H side, this is a scene from the last episode of one of the greatest TV shows in The Universe EVER, which put many people into tears, both behind the small screens, and camera. You can find more about that on YT.

Enjoy this short video 🙂